Distribution of Snow

(numbers refer to page references for Ryd and Rassa's book)

mountain showing uneven distribution of snow in patches "bievlla"

Terms for distribution:

maddabievla (230) snowless area around the trunk of a tree

muorabievla (230) snowless area under the branches of a tree

garvatjimbievlla (295) alternating patches of snow and ground, making skiing harder (but see below)

vádtsembievlla (242) alternating patches of ground and snow, in which it almost becomes pointless to try to ski rather than walk (more extensive than garvatjimbievlla)

stuor bievla (243) large patches of open ground, alternating with snow. Forms in the spring as snow is melting, particularly in mountains. It is no longer possible to ski in such an area (more extensive than vádstembievlla)

báhtset (164) tracks of animals, skis, or vehicles that remain after the surrounding snow has melted away and disappeared, often marking established paths or trails.

muohtarievta (247) remaining patches of snow that have not disappeared while all the surrounding snow has melted away


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birch tree with adhering snow